Graduate Students.
Himal Roka Pun
Ph. D. Student

I received my Bachelor’s degree in Medical Biochemistry at Nobel College, Nepal. I joined the Karp lab in the fall of 2018. Currently, I am trying to find out the factors that enhance microRNA activity after dauer quiescence.

Matthew Wirick
Ph. D. Student

I received my Bachelor’s degree from Michigan State University in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. My interest in research led me to pursue a higher degree and resulted in me enrolling into the Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Doctoral program at Central Michigan University. The Karp lab’s research has allowed me to expand upon my interest in genetics by which I will be looking into genes that play a role in dauer in C. elegans.

Itzel Rosas Gutiérrez
Ph. D. Student

I received my bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from Universidad de las Americas Puebla, in Mexico and my master’s degree in Applied Biosciences from the University of Arizona. My previous studies and experiences motivated me to pursue a PhD in Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology at Central Michigan University. My current project will be focused in studying genes in human breast cancer cells during dormancy, and identifying genetic suppressors of genes that are involved in dauer in C. elegans.

Anuja Dahal
Ph. D. Student

I received my bachelor’s degree from Nobel college, Nepal in Medical microbiology and my master’s degree from Southern Illinois University, Edwardsville in Biological science. My previous research experiences motivated me to pursue a Doctorate program at Central Michigan University. I have joined the Karp lab and my projects will include the study of genes in Caenorhabditis elegans involved in the developmental regulations during dauer/postdauer.

Photo of Nehul Tanna smiling
Nehul Tanna
Ph. D. Student

I received my bachelor’s degree from Eastern Michigan University in Cellular and Molecular Biology. My interest in the maintenance and regulation of developmental processes led me to the Biochemistry, Cellular and Molecular Biology PhD program at Central Michigan

University. Having gained some experience in developmental research during my undergraduate career, joining the Karp Lab’s research seemed like an exciting next step! My current work with the Karp Lab involves understanding the role of different RNA binding proteins in the regulation of cellular quiescence in worms.

Undergraduate Students
Photo of Jasmine Asberry

Jasmine Asberry

Majors- Biology: Biomedical, Cellular, & Molecular; Psychology

Kennedy Bowles

Major- Biology: Biomedical, Cellular

Photo of Lauren Bradford

Lauren Bradford

Major- Biology: Biomedical, Cellular

Photo of Regan Kopesky

Regan Kopesky

Majors - Biology: Biomedical, Cellular, & Molecular, Biochemistry

Photo of Madlyn Morton

Madlyn Morton

Major - Biochemistry

Dr. Xantha Karp
Associate Professor
Department of Biology

Office: 3405 Biosciences

Lab: 3200 Biosciences

1455 Calumet Ct

Department of Biology

Central Michigan University

Mt. Pleasant, MI 48859

989-774-1267 (Office)

989-774-7311 (Lab)

Karp Lab Graduates

Mark Hansen, MS

(Summer 2020)

Axel Schmitter, MS

(Summer 2019)

Kevin Ranke, MS

(Summer 2018)

Liberta Nika, MS

(Spring 2017)

Eric Montoye, MS

(Fall 2015)

Megan Wood, MS

(former technician)

Madeleine LeRoux, BS

(Fall 2023)

Safiyah Ali, BS

(Spring 2023)

Dominic Carvounis, BS

(Spring 2023)

Natalie DeCarlo, BS

(Spring 2023)

Abimbola Kolawole, BS

(Spring 2023)

Macy Knoblock, BS

(Spring 2023)

Juanez Lindsay, BS

(Spring 2023)

Payton Wolbert, BS

(Spring 2022)

Campbell Brown, BS

(Spring 2021)

Mana Khan, BS

(Spring 2021)

Laurianne Pene Njine, BS

(Spring 2021)

Samantha Barber, BS

(Spring 2020)

Allison Cale, BS

(Spring 2020)

Katy Howie, BS

(Spring 2020)

Rachel Otte, BS

(Spring 2020)

Taylor Bernstein, BS

(Spring 2019)

Matthew Hill, BS

(Spring 2019)

Payton Salomon, BS

(Spring 2019)

Alexis Santos, BS

(Spring 2019)

Lane Savage, BS

(Spring 2019)

Marissa Fisher, BS

(Fall 2018)

Kayla Schmidt, BS

(Spring 2018)

Scott Bosely, BS

(Spring 2017)

Kyal Lalk, BS

(Spring 2017)

Loni Rambo, BS

(Fall 2016)

Taylor Gibson, BS

(Spring 2016)

Amberlyn Hales, BS

(Spring 2016)

Brionna Echols, BS

(Fall 2015)

Jacob Bourgeois, BS

(Spring 2015)

Stephen Domingue, BS

(Spring 2015)

Rebecca Konkus, BS

(Spring 2015)

Isaac Smith, BS

(Spring 2015)

Brittany Lardie, BS

(Fall 2014)

Ben Prout, BS

(Fall 2014)

Benjamin Olson, BS

(Spring 2014)

Ross Zwierzchowski, BS

(Spring 2014)

Chani Kohtz

(High School Graduate, 2020)

Where did they go after graduation?

Ph.D. Students

TBD (Ph.D. program opened in 2018)

M.S. Students

  • PhD program: Michigan State University
  • Research technician: Wayne State University, Abenza, Hackensack Meridian Health
  • Physical therapy program: Temple University

Undergraduate Students

  • PhD programs: University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, University of Wisconsin-Madison, University of Missisippi, Washington University, Columbia University
  • Research technician: Marquette University, Michigan Department of Agriculture, Henry Ford hospital, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Holistic Industries
  • MS in Exercise Physiology: Central Michigan University
  • Medical school: Michigan State University, Wayne State University, Central Michigan University, Western Michigan University
  • Masters in Public Health: University of Michigan-Ann Arbor, Central Michigan University, University of Wisconsin-Madison
  • Physician Assistant program: University of St. Francis
  • Physical therapy program: Central Michigan University
  • MS in Nursing: Johns Hopkins University
  • US Air Force

Current Karp lab undergrads may apply for a paid position in the Karp lab using this link.

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